Author Interview + Giveaway: AK Höst


I’m extremely excited to spotlight one of my favorite authors this week as part of the Indie & Self-Published Author Event: the awesome A.K. Höst! Be sure to check out my reviews of And All the Stars (if you’re looking for some great sci-fi) and Hunting (if you’re in the mood for some fantasy), and you can learn more about the author on her blog too!

Today I’m over the moon because I get to post this awesome interview as well as a reader’s choice giveaway!

An Interview with Andrea K. Höst

- I think your books feature some very strong heroines, which is one big reason why I love them so much. Which heroines in fiction are your favorites or are the most inspiring to you, and why?

My favourite heroines tend to be the practical ones.  Who figure out ways to get around hurdles.  They don’t necessarily have to be the smartest, or the fastest, or the cleverest or the prettiest, or even to succeed nine times out of ten – but they work best for me if they’re sensible.  I also like them wry or sarcastic, and generous of spirit.

I think Sophie Hatter from “Howl’s Moving Castle” is one of my favourites.  Sophie underestimates herself – she thinks she’s fated to fail, but she doesn’t allow resentment to colour her relationship with her prettier/more-fortunate sisters.  When she’s transformed, she gets a bit flustered, but she adjusts to her situation and starts looking for ways to cope.  She starts to stand up for herself, and doesn’t back down when it’s important.