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The Syllabus:

So if you read and review YA, then you’re probably the world’s foremost expert on love triangles by now. Chances are you’re familiar with all the usual love triangle shenanigans — the excessive swooning, the melodramatic declarations of love, the dance battles — (“Wait, there are dance battles??!”) And maybe you’ve found yourself wondering… what is with all these love triangles?? Well, Alix & I have often pondered the same thing. Which is why we’ve decided to host this event to shed light on all things love-triangular, and you’re invited to join us!

The event kicks off Sunday, July 7th and ends on Sunday, July 21st. However, if we get more bloggers, we’ll likely extend the dates through July 28th. Sign-ups begin today and close on June 22nd. This is open to all bloggers out there, but we’re specifically addressing love triangles in the YA genre. You have a full month to opt in, reserve your topic, and tell us what dates you’ll be posting. We’ll even give you a shiny Guest Lecturer badge! #Incentive

Read on for more info and how to sign up for the love triangle bonanza-fest!


If you’re participating, please post something on love triangles at least once during the event. You can post as many times as you want for the event… we would never limit you and your beautiful creative minds! So if more than one topic inspires you, feel free to post on ALL of them! However, there is one question we want all participants to answer:

Why do you think love triangles are so prevalent in YA, and how do you feel about them?

And then, for extra credit, we thought up some topics you might want to talk about. (You’re welcome.) Here they are:

Possible Lecture Topics

Round-Up: Love Triangles That Work*

Round-Up: Love Triangles That Don’t Work*

Types of Love Triangles

Defending Love Triangles (for those brave/rebel souls out there)

Love Triangles: Realistic or Ridiculous??

Recommend a book that is Certified Love Triangle-Free

Pick one particular love triangle & dissect it!

IMPORTANT: We are completely open to topic suggestions! If you have an idea not listed here, tell us about it! And again, you can do more than one post within the theme if you want to cover multiple topics. *The round-up posts above can’t be reserved, they’re free for all to use.

Now, we’re allowing early birds to ‘reserve’ their topic ahead of time and will be keeping track of all claimed topics on a separate page. This is because we want to limit the amount of duplicate posts for certain topics (translated: we don’t really want 12 people analyzing the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle because our threshold of pain is extremely low… just saying) and also because we’d like to encourage as much creativity as possible. Plus we’re control freaks. Maybe. Err…

Interested?? Want to sign up to lecture on all things love-triangular?? Click below!

LT_signupNOTE: If you received our email invite & already opted in, you don’t need to fill out this form — just keep us updated! Thanks!

Questions? Comments? Just want to chat? Find us on Twitter at _anovelidea and via the #LoveTriangles101 hashtag!

Thanks, and happy triangulating!!!

Paola & Alix

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PAOLA is a 25-year old teacher, blogger, and lifelong bibliophile. She lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband and an extremely enthusiastic rat terrier. Among her favorite authors are Robin McKinley, Kate Morton, Garth Nix, Lisa See, Philip Pullman, and Neil Gaiman. Paola cultivates bad habits such as reading in bed, reading while eating, and reading while walking. Please be aware that she has declared war against love triangles and has vowed to eradicate them from the face of the Earth, with very few, very exceptional exceptions. Good books have been known to leave her a shameless, weeping mess for days afterward.

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