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Charlotte: Guess what time of the year it is? It’s….. NOVEMBER! And that means….

Paola: … NaNoWriMo! Or, National Novel Writing Month, in case you aren’t familiar with the crazy 30 days of the year when aspiring writers try to write a 50k novel in one month. Charlotte and I are both participating this year, and we wanted to reach out to others who might be doing the same thing. (You know, all the other crazy people.)

Charlotte: (Doing all these crazy things haha) Basically our support group is not just limited to bloggers, we’re inviting all bookish people to participate! So you can either just make blog posts, discuss and chat in our GR group and so on! The whole point of our support group is to provide well literally, support to all fellow writers out there attempting NaNoWriMo this year and to help you get through those gruelling 30 days!

Paola: We’ll be here for you through whatever you’re going through in your writing adventures (err, or misadventures…) and we hope the support group will become a fun community where you can talk about your project, get constructive criticism and inspiration, or just hang out when you feel like your brain is about to explode.

Charlotte: We’ve got your back in November ;) You’re not alone in this, Writers Unite!

Paola: To sign up, just fill out the form to be added to the list of participants. We also have a group on Goodreads specifically for the event; you’ll find the link at the end of the sign-up form! Once you’ve done this, you have until the end of October to write up an intro post.

Charlotte: For your intro post, tell us a little bit about yourselves and your NaNo experience – have you participated before? Is this your first time? Any challenges you think you’ll face? What are your goals? And if you feel comfortable sharing with us, maybe the synopsis of your novel or the title :)

Paola: You can write your intro post any time before November 1st and add it to our linky list on the participants page over here! We also have a sample intro post from Charlotte if you need inspiration.

Throughout the event we’ll be posting about our progress once a week, and we hope you will too! Bloggers and non-bloggers can participate in this; if you don’t have a blog, we’ll have a thread in the Goodreads group where you can talk about how you’re doing. Also, on Wednesdays we’ll be doing some fun posts to get into the writing spirit! Here are some ideas for topics you can choose from:

  • Interview one of your characters
  • Come up with a playlist for your novel
  • Do you have a writing ritual?
  • What reward you’ve got lined up when you write that 50k!
  • Dream cast your novel
  • Essential tools that help you write

Charlotte: The fun posts are optional so don’t feel pressurised to make sure you get a post up every Wednesday. If you’re going through Writer’s Block or need to just write something else apart from your novel, these posts can be a great help!

Paola: That’s it! Sign up on the form, get your intro post written, link it up here, and also check out the tentative schedule for the event. We can’t wait to get everyone together for a great NaNoWriMo experience this year!! Oh, and grab the awesome button at the bottom of the sign-up form (courtesy of Charlotte) when you’ve signed up!!

Event Schedule

October 23-31: Write an intro post and link it up

November 1: NaNoWriMo begins!!!

Wednesdays – (Optional) Post on one of the topics above!

Sundays – (Optional) Write a post with an update on your progress for the week!

Click here to sign up!


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